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From a young age I traveled the world performing with a circus school owned by my mother. We were a children of the world as we would call us, Traveling to more than 10 different countries for performing and festivals, learning different cultures, arts and traditional crafts, which rooted my love for creativity, travel and art in my heart!

Later on I dived deeper into performance education and finished College of a Circus and Theatrical arts in Moscow, where I also met my now husband Aleksandr ! Circus road leads us to United States, Where we now live permanently and raising our 4 children.

Exposing to so much art and different cultures from a young age creates a big passion in me for an Interior Design and creating beautiful spaces, so it was just a matter of time before I completed a course of a 2 year program of Interior Design Institute.

Even tho I attend art programs throughout all of my childhood school ages and my creative expression of myself starts at the age of 8 when I surprised my mom with a mural the size of half of our apartment after she came home from work.... Oh that was definitely a surprise haha! But it was not until later on, when I became a mom myself and started to paint again.

Now 7years later my Art is in 27 different countries, in houses of some celebrities and beautiful families!

Exploring is my way to breathe!

And the biggest inspiration for my art is Travel, Nature, Cultures, Connection to earth!

I love exploring new textures, medias ‚techniques and constantly learning something new about art!

I love sharing my passion for art with others and it's very inspiring to teach people how to step out of their comfort zone and "color outside of the lines"!

And it's the biggest joy of my life to see my kids now falling in love with art and creative process!

It's a completely different world when you look at it through the eyes of your children!

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