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Jeff Downes

Downes, Jeff- Profile Pic.jpg

Jeff Downes is a trained artist best known for his unique style combination of a pallet knife and smooth paint brush. Having an eye for vibrant colors, he is able to create that “Wow” art with his subject matter.

Jeff’s medium of choice is both acrylic and watercolors. He also incorporates other materials such as sand to give extra texture and feel to his works.

A passion for anything automotive, the 1950’s era and pop culture reflect in his creative inspiration. He combines his love for photography and travels throughout the US and abroad to capture his future works of art.

Jeff is a graduate of Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in graphics and fine arts. As a professional graphic artist his career has spanned over the years in both the print and broadcast field. Jeff is best known for his graphic style which reflects in his paintings and vibrant colors.

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