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Angelika Kade

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"Sculpting has become both an obsession and a passion for me", says Angelika Kade, and for anybody, who has seen her working in her beautiful studio, it could be even an understatement.
Sculpting is a process, which requires a constant dialogue between the characteristics of the material and the thoughts and ideas of the artist. Only strong-willed individuals will succeed and are able to maintain and conclude this dialogue.
Being a very progressive and dynamic woman, Angelika's route to direct carving was not necessarily "direct".
After having started in fashion design, working in several major cities in Germany, her curiosity for anything artistic made her venture into different fields - designing jewelry, silk-painting, large scale acrylics as well as mixed media.
While her innovative mind was always looking for new challenges and possibilities to express herself, it was the discovery and exploration of stone carving, which quickly received her attention and commitment.
After attending several workshops in the United States and Italy (Pietrasanta), where she could work with highly skilled master carvers, Angelika Kade had found the basis to self-educate herself in all carving techniques and of course in the sculptural transformation of her artistic ideas.
Working in various materials, but mainly in marble , alabaster and chlorite, Angelika's work is based on figurative elements. In the creative process the work may remain figurative or may develop into figurative-based abstracts. Next to the human figure, "wings" and everything "angelic" as well as mythological themes are reflected in her work.
First for several years in Wisconsin and now since 2003 in Naples, Florida, her studio -Studio Carvetta- has become the center of Angelika's creativity.
Surrounded by native tropical forest, cleared just enough to provide room for a beautiful sculpture garden, her studio welcomes both students and visitors, eager to share her passion.
Angelika Kade, born and raised in Germany, is married and has three children and resides with her husband in Naples, Florida. Having absorbed the many traditions and the great art of Europe while growing up and during many visits, her mind remains in a continuous search for artistic progress.
She is a member of the National Sculpture Society, the National Association of Woman Artists and several South West Florida Art Leagues.
Her work was shown in several exhibits both in Europe and the United States and is appreciated by both private and corporate collectors.

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