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Linda Driggs

Driggs, Linda - Profile Pic.jpg

Born in Italy and raised in the south, Linda Driggs, from an early age demonstrated a passion to draw and paint. While feeding her love of the arts, she pursued a degree in Graphic Design from Auburn University. Upon graduation in 1981, Linda moved to Sarasota and worked in the advertising business until 1993 and presently in her current career finding success as a Real Estate professional with Michael Saunders & Company.

Linda’s exuberant nature-inspired paintings combine elements of abstraction and impressionism, focusing on expressive elements found in flowers, devoting energy to color, shapes and forms. Through her art and subject matter, we feel happiness and contentment. Not afraid of using a bountiful color palette, Linda connects her love of gardening and love of the outdoors in her own poetic, dynamic style that has drawn collectors to her work locally and internationally.

Her preferred medium is Acrylic based, deriving her colors from mixing primary colors of House Paint creating an endless color wheel to paint from along with soft, oil based pastel sticks.

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