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Hailing originally from Upstate New York, Ed Rymanowski, known as Salop, has been a resident of Florida for many years.


At 93, Salop has lived all over the world. In the 1960s he lived in Spain, then Argentina.  Years later he moved to Nice, France where he studied painting and sculpting at University AIX En Provence. During this time Salop was inspired, learning from and surrounded by the art greats. Not only was the town of Aix the home to Cezanne, but Picasso and Matisse were living, studying art and creating masterpieces in France during this time as well. Salop was blessed to attend many of the same classes that Picasso and Matisse attended.


Salop enjoys a quiet life in Naples, FL and he strives to paint every day. When Salop isn’t painting he may be found traveling and visiting friends.

His biggest inspiration(s) are experiences, interactions with others and a lifetime of wonderful memories.

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