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Art Gallery Open Space

Many years ago I decided to abandon my professional career in business to pursue a future following my passion, as an artist and as a curator.

My goal is not to be (or become) a famous artist... or for my work to hang in prestigious exhibits around the world, but rather, it is to simply enhance the lives of others with color and perhaps a bit of inspiration.

Art is intended to be thought provoking and to make us feel happy.. to move us emotionally and to bring us joy. 

That, itself, is my intention.

I wish to make you smile and to bring you a bit of joy.

That is the major commonality between my artists and myself. 

We are all on a mission to share ourselves and to inspire others through our art. The passion behind our art is very alive and our love for it very contagious.

There's absolutely no better feeling than to wake each morning to a piece that inspires you and makes you smile!

Thank you for taking the time to view our website.

LIGON FINE ART is open and available free to the public  

Tuesday - Saturdays, 10AM-5PM EST.

Appointments are available upon request.

Let LIGON FINE ART fill your empty space with inspiration!


                                 -Angela Ligon

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