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Mimun Clemente

Artist Photo_Clemente Mimun.jpg

Artist’s Statement


The magic of visual art is when the combinations of paint and material come together to attract the attention of the passing viewer. Mysteriously the painting communicates in a universal language to the observer. There becomes an intimate interaction between the artist and that viewer. If that communication between my work and the audience is a reaction of joy or happiness, I have achieved my goal. I am less concerned with retaining a certain “style,” but prefer the progress in my research of texture, color form and subject. The act of creation is mystical. How can one be exposed to so much great art without being influenced? So many times I wonder how an artist has found the inspiration for the execution of his painting. Many years after completing a painting, I remain amazed by the execution of my own subject. My statement is simple: I want to charm the observer with happiness, packaged in blissful color and energetic form. My messages are found in every day human behavior: Love, Relationships, Nature and Passion. The fundamental basis is antagonism, it is found at every level. Although it may be unconscious, we are constantly confronted by it and unavoidably we instinctively reciprocate.


I choose to present my artwork with humor and pleasant colors, burnishing the roughness of the unspoken reality.

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