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Luba Drahosz

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There is NOTHING like an

ORIGINAL work of art.

Only original work can capture

the SOUL which was shaped

and touched by the human hand

and executed with energy and


This SOUL cannot be truly seen

in any reproduction.

Many, if not most of my paintings deal with the theme of immigration as it’s

explored in abstract elements of: bridges to new worlds, circles

connecting and reconnecting people with new found hope. This hope Is

also depicted in elements of nature; water, sky and earth. I love the

process of painting, of pushing the colors into an unpredictable design;

sometimes detailed and sometimes minimal. Then, the delight of

experiencing a finished painting! My paintings come from intuition that is

guided by education, experience, experimentation and a subliminal

intuitive flow. But mood, color, shape, composition and line are always at

play in a delicate balance. My work comes from my own unique history.

I am an immigrant. My parents were taken from Ukraine as slave laborers

onto German farms after WWII. They were rescued by America forces and

placed in a Displaced Person’s Camp (D.P. Camps) waiting for passage to

hope and freedom. As I get older, I appreciate more and more the stories

that were told of the struggles they endured. They didn’t know the

language and for a time we were alone in this strange wonderful country.

But we all found our way and thrived.

I want the viewer to be engaged, to find their own reality, their own

meaning, or simply enjoy. Each new work is my favorite, find yours.


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