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Jackie Kalin (JAX)

Artist Photo_Kalin, Jackie (JAX).jpg

I have created a new brand of unrestrained fine art which is infused with actual particles of light, giving my pieces an energy of their own through an innovative and complicated process I have developed.


My works want you to view them in every setting, luminescent even the dimmest of rooms. I have been an enthusiast and dealer of vintage lighting, my favorite designer being Paavo Tynell, the 20th century genius who always considered the patterns and shadows cast by his world renown snowflake chandeliers. Likewise, I want my paintings to flash and interact with the environment and the viewer, to be a jewel for any interior, to gift the owner with the joy of nature and nature's lighting - photons. 


My paintings and custom interior wall finishes span the United States, found in private collections, homes, schools and restaurants.  For an intricate glass wall mural, I won a national award, appearing in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. I have exhibited at ArtPrize - one year covering the walls of a steakhouse with an array of large-scale antique motorcycles paintings, and another year building a huge sculptural arbor from wood, resin, chrome, and antique crystals, with a swing for visitors to enjoy.  Other forays into the creative world include making outlandish outfits for a professional boxer and his cornermen for several fights on HBO, teaching elementary students about masterworks and giving drawing lessons, and I am currently developing characters and illustrations for children’s books. I’ve been fortunate to have raised a fun, music-loving, eccentric family of four kids with my husband.


After decades as a commissioned artist, years ago I decided to solely make what I wish to make. I have no serious statement I hope to convey in my work - I simply want to create beautiful things people can enjoy in their homes or offices. My originals begin as a canvas textured with a custom plaster, upon which I spend days to hand paint my subjects. Next I carefully choose reflective materials and continue adding until I am ready to envelop the pieces in epoxy resin. Each work of art is a labor-intensive but happy experience.


I sign by the name my friends call me, Jax.

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