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Drew Devine


He Grew up in St. Charles, MN , then attended

Luther College, a private liberal arts school in

Decorah, Iowa . He writes his own bios in the

third person. He moved to Hawaii working with

Norwegian Cruise Lines as a Dancer and

Firefighter . Later relocated to the Island of Maui ,

he worked with the Ritz Carlton Food and

Beverage Team. He has spent the last several

summers as waterfront athletic director at a

camp in Maine . He has grammatical and

punctual errors all over this thing. Find him

currently spending his w inters bicycling around

Sarasota, FLorida.


Relax, life; this isn't a serious thing; DeVine is a

self taught, award winning mixed media artist,

who has art hanging in homes and galleries from

Hawaii to Germany . Thre3 years ago (2017) he

first picked up a brush, and started his

creat8ive journey refurbishing discarded antique

tables found on the Key in Englewood, Florida.

He believes that “to copy others is necessary but

to copy oneself is pathetic.” For this reason his

artistic facets, mediums, and faculties are

constantly multiplying and changing. Recently

his works have gravitated towards acrylics on

larger canvas.


one human family ; be kind to YOUrself; and

everyone is a part of YOU; be a better version of

yourself than you were yesterday: you can ; be

KIND; breathe ; SMILE; hug; happy; breath; yoga;

breathe; words; spatula, fiatod, SMILE. Think

positive thoughts about you rself and others, they

will manifest into reality. I love you- apotheosis,

monolithic hug happy smiles expand up out.

breath... deeply…. again breath….. Smile. Grow ]]

I love you.


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