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Sylviane De Roquebrune

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Artist statement

As a multimedia artist, I have been drawn to a wide range of art practices.  Not entirely satisfied with any one explicitly, I enjoy the exploration of each separately and the interdisciplinary approach of cross-referencing, fusing, and the reinterpreting the established genres to find my own voice.  Change is a constant in my work. Each different body of work delineates the evolution of ideas over the course of years for my practice.

My new work is Inspired by ‘women' with ‘symbolic’ extravagant hair or hairpieces and sometimes masks. Masked images emerge from an eclectic collection of mystical and visual images. We wear many masks at different times for different reasons as we interact with the world.

Processes and materials are the vocabulary, and the method of working in a series provides the syntax for my art. I cannot anticipate the direction the work might take but it is through the process of making things, be they drawings, paintings that I can begin to understand what the subconscious may already have known. Intuition is my guide. I follow it blindly and trust that it will get me where I never knew I wanted to go.

My over-arching goal in life as an artist is to define a style of my own and strive for a truth.


Sylviane De Roquebrune

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