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Alysia Crawford

Alysia IMG_2958.jpg

Artist Bio


Alysia Crawford is a native to Sarasota, a local artist, and community activist. She is a mother of four and a passionate defender of racial equality and a defender of marginalized people, particularly refugees and immigrants. For seven years she worked with international refugees in Clarkston, GA and the experience solidified her passion for representing suffering, poor, and oppressed people both domestically and around the globe.  


Alysia’s art embodies the span of human emotion- consistently balancing light and dark, hope and despair, joy and sorrow, justice and injustice. Light and hope prevail in the message of the paintings reminding the viewer that hope and joy hold more power than hate and darkness. Her abstract pieces are often accompanied by poetry in order to guide the viewer through the story expressed through organic form and the relationship between the dark and light interplay on the canvas. Her other pieces focus on portraits of inspirational figures in the struggle for justice and statement pieces that explore and dissect the roots of societal oppression.

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